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  • LED light manufacturers in india
    LED light manufacturers in india
    We are already supplying our LED Lights on a
    regular basis to various country.
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  • High Bay light manufacturers
    High Bay light manufacturers
    As a leading manufacturer of LED High Bay
    Lights in India, we made it with the
    highest care and technology.
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manufacturing and exporting of LED Lighting Systems

ISO 9001:2008 Certified organization is a pioneer in the field of LED based Lighting Systems

LED Lights manufacturer in India

about us

Rayna Industries- A pioneer in the field of LED based Lighting Systems which is formed in 2013 and an ISO 9001:2008 Certified firm, has been involved in manufacturing and exporting wide range of LED lights, touch switches and smart switches. Our goal is to replace all existing fluorescent and incandescent lighting with energy-efficient LED lights in order to save energy, which we can then use to illuminate the entire planet.

A production facility for LED Lights, smart switches and touch switches was established by the founder of our company, Mr. Priyank Shah, a graduate engineer from L. D. College of Engineering who is passionate about electronics. Later, Mr. Vivek Patel, an electronics engineer who became a director of the business and whose knowledge in power electronics aids our company in creating new led lighting products.

About RaynaLED

India's high-tech LED Light Manufacturing facility


Our production facility is in Talod, Gujarat, and our corporate headquarters are in Ahmedabad, Gujarat's financial hub. Modern equipment, including as pick-and-place robots for mounting LED and ballast components on PCBs, laser-engraved steel stencils, and soldering reflow belts, are available at our manufacturing facilities. To evaluate the quality and wattage of lights, we have lux, watt, and power factor metres. Additionally, each light is continuously tested for 24 hours prior to packing and shipping.


Wide range of LED Lighting products


Our high-tech facility can make more than 45000 goods per month that we can test and ship. We have more than 60 products in the LED Lights category and 5 products in the touch switch or smart switch category. If there is a high demand in the orders, we can raise our manufacturing capacity by huge numbers. A production line produces LED floodlights, LED tube lights, LED street lights, LED high-bay lights, LED profile lights, LED strip lights, LED panel lights, and LED downlights. Additionally, we create touch and smart switches this all above products are 100% made in india since we value excellent manufacturing.


Reputable Wholesaler and Supplier of LED lights in India


We are already supplying our LED Lights on a regular basis to various states in the country, including Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, and many others. We also have direct supply to the industries in the aforementioned states, and even a few foreign nations, including Ghana, Zambia, Senegal, Doha, Dubai, Burkina Faso, Togo, and Benin, are buying our LED Lights, since we are an Indian manufacturer of LED lights, we can also offer warranties for those lights.

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