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LED High bay Light

High Bay Light Manufacturer in India 


High bay lights are designed for ceilings that are more than 20 feet and up to 40 feet high. A customised reflector can aid in concentrating the lights in a specific location. The majority of enterprises and warehouses utilise high bay lights to illuminate greater areas.


LED High Bay Light - Great Energy Saving LED Products for Industries


Prior to the last ten years, industries that need high bay lighting would typically use higher wattage sodium lamps with reflectors, which not only used more energy but also had a shorter lifespan. Since the advent of LED High Bay Lights, enterprises have experienced a significant decrease in lighting maintenance and energy costs. In addition, these luminaries include unique non-yellowing angle lenses that can vary the LED beam angle to perfectly illuminate the area.


What to Consider When Buying High Bay Light


1) Whether an old-fashioned light or an LED high bay light, choose the latter: LED High Bay Light
2) Beam angle of the three distinct LED High Bay Light beam angles There are three recommended beam angles for LED high bay lights: 60 degrees, 90 degrees, and 120 degrees. If the mounting height is close to 40 feet, the 60 degree option is advised because it provides adequate lumens to the floor.
3) Mounting is the most crucial factor because it weighs a lot. You may either screw it straight into the ceiling or mount it with a chain and pendant. 

4) For mounting heights above 12 feet and up to 20 feet, choose a low-bay LED light. For mounting heights above 20 feet and up to 40 feet, choose a high-bay LED light.
5) The colour temperatures of LED bay lights are 6500K, 4000K, and 3000K. For industrial applications, the 6500K CCT is typically preferred, but we also provide the other two.


Know the High Bay Light's spare parts.


As a leading manufacturer of LED High Bay Lights in India, we made it with the highest care and technology. A few of the parts we used are as follows: an aluminium die-cast housing, an isolated LED driver, a metal core PCB, a high lumen LED, and a non-yellowing lens.


Most reliable LED High Bay Lights wholesaler in India


We are supplying our lights in most of the industries and warehouse situated at various state in india also we are reliable source for few african countries and middle east countries, we provide 24months to 60 months warranty on our high bay light products depends on customer demand





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