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LED Street Light

LED Street Light- An ideal light for street lighting 


The major purpose of street lights is to improve security and decrease accidents at night by illuminating roads, streets, common roads, and even pathways.Sodium lamps were utilised as street lighting a decade ago, but energy-efficient LED street lighting has since replaced them.


Why use an LED street light instead of an incandescent one?


The primary reasons to choose LED street lights over incandescent ones are their up to 70% energy efficiency and significantly longer lifespan. Additionally, LEDs' beam angles allow users to choose a wide angle for horizontally wide spread and a narrow beam angle for vertically narrow spread, which is not possible with traditional street lights.


LED Street Light Manufacturer in India


Since we are a leading manufacturer of LED street lights, we know how important it is to produce street lights with the highest level of care and technology. We produce different types of LED street lights, including LED street lights with lenses, LED street lights with glass, and LED street lights with aluminum-glass frames, so that customers can choose the product that best suits their needs.


Numerous Product Options & LED Street Light Buying Guide


We are a supplier of LED street lights in India, and we support a number of street lighting products with 24- to 60-month warranties, which are listed here: We also make customised wattage lights in the following sizes: 18Watt, 24Watt, 30Watt, 36Watt, 50Watt, 70Watt, 100Watt, 150Watt, and 200Watt.


The process of choosing an LED street light is quite simple. Once you are done with wattage and the lumen requirement than first, look at the LED source. Then, make sure the housing is the right size and made of aluminium die-cast. The PCB type also needs to be metal core and use a constant current LED driver, which extends the life of the light. Finally, look at the price and warranty.


Understand the Key Elements of LED Street Lights


1) LED (Light Emitting Diode) Ordinarily, we utilise 1 Watt LED for street lights up to 100 Watt, and 3 Watt LED for street lights above 100Watt
2) Properly sized, IP66-rated aluminium die-cast housing that is powder coated; this aids LED cooling down more quickly.
3) A metal core, 1.6mm-thick, ultra-white PCB that quickly transmits heat to the housing
4) Constant Current LED Driver with a minimum of 4kV of surge protection


Well-known LED Street Light Supplier in india 


Being an Indian lighting manufacturer, we are a trustworthy source in the majority of the Indian states. We also directly supply all MSME businesses to large-scale corporations, and we even offer warranty support for every modest purchase from us.







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