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LED Tube Light

LED Tubelight Manufacturer in India


Tubelights are essentially used in every home and business. It uses the fewest possible lamps to illuminate a space, and buyers can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes to suit their needs. Older tubelights were also made of glass, which could break during shipment, but LED tubelights are constructed of aluminium, which is more durable and won't break either.


Most Energy-Efficient Indoor Light: LED Tubelight


Twenty years ago, fluorescent tubelight, which uses 55 watts, was widely used. Once CFL tubelight, which is slightly more energy efficient than fluorescent light, was introduced, it took almost 60% of the market for old-fashioned lighting. Today, almost 90% of the market is taken by LED tubelights, which use only 18 watts and have a much longer lifespan than the other two. For this reason, Rayna Industries is now producing LED tubelight in the 18 to 36 watt range. 


How are LED tubelights superior to traditional fluorescent and compact fluorescent lighting?


1) LED Tubelights utilise only 18 watts for the same brightness level, which is 50% less than CFLs and nearly 70% less than traditional tube lights.
2) A 50000-hour lifespan for LED tubelights, which increases its cost-effectiveness.
3. It is constructed of aluminium or plastic, whereas the other two types are composed of glass, making led tube lighting far more durable than the other two.
4) The guarantee period for LED tubelights is normally 24 months, compared to 12 months for CFLs and no warranty for traditional lighting.


Key Components of LED Tubelight


Being an Indian manufacturer of LED tubelights, we are familiar with its essential parts, which are stated here: 0.2Watt LED, LED Driver- Isolated Driver for Industrial aplication and Non isolated for residential application, Metal Core PCB, Aluminum or Plastic Housing, Aluminum Preferably.


Various LED Tubelight Options


We provide retrofit tubelights that perfectly fit in old clamps, as well as T5 and T8 LED Tube lights with power outputs ranging from 18 to 36 watts. product list is: T5 18Watt LED Tube Light, T5 36Watt LED Tube Light, T8 Retrofit 18Watt LED tube Light.





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