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LED Flood Light

Manufacturer of LED Flood Lights in India


A type of light called an LED flood light artificially illuminates a big area. Depending on their needs, users can choose from a variety of shapes and wattages of flood lights. The flood light is used for outdoor illumination in places like warehouses, parking lots, parks, intersections, stadiums, and indoor arenas which need higher lumen output. 


LED Flood Lights - A Revolution in Outdoor Lighting


Flood lights were often used a decade ago under the name of halogen light, which is composed of sodium lamps. Once LED flood lights were developed, they completely replaced all of the sodium lamps with LED. There are primarily two types of LED Flood lights. Back Chowk LED Flood Light and Down Chowk LED Flood Light, where the led driver is located at the back of the light in the former and at the down side of the light in the latter


How is it superior to outdated halogen lights?


1) Energy-efficient – LED flood lights provide more brightness at lower wattages, resulting in reduced electricity costs.
2) Price: Although the initial investment is slightly higher than that of traditional halogen lights, LED lights have a far longer lifespan and are 70% more energy-efficient, which results in lower lighting costs.
3) Shape: This light is slim, which makes it ideal for installation, and it is not a particularly bulky light.
4) Instant On- Off: Unlike old fashioned halogen lights this LED Flood lights goes on instantly and even give full light from the instance  in old fashioned lights it was like lamp will give full light after few minutes of run



Now let's undertsnad the key components of LED flood lights


The Rayna Industries' LED flood light is a wholly manufactured in India product that is primarily made of four raw materials. Higher brightness LED, the proper aluminium die-cast housing, metal core PCB, and LED Driver—the "heart" of LED lighting. To install the LEDs on the MCPCB, we use a pick and place robot. After that, we attach the PCB in a die-cast enclosure by using heat shrink paste and a bolt. Finally, we connect the led driver to the PCB and leave it on for 24 hours before packaging.


Pricing and Product Selection for LED Flood Lights


You can choose from a variety of products starting at 20Watt, 30Watt, 50Watt, 100Watt, 150Watt, 200Watt, 250Watt, and 300W. We also use 140 lumen/watt LEDs to produce the flood light, therefore it is best to choose a product based on lumen rather than wattage. Starting prices range from 850INR to 6000INR. Additionally, we offer warranties from 24 months to 60 months depending on the quality of the customer's purchase. In a few rare instances, we also offer warranties for overseas purchase.



Indian distributor of LED floodlights


We are one of the top manufacturers of LED flood lights, and we distribute our products to practically all of the states in India as well as a few west African nations and the Middle East.




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