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LED Panel Light

Manufacturer of LED panel  light in India


Rayna Industries manufactures LED panel lights with a rounded design which is perfect lights for any kind of false ceiling. This light is widely use in commercial spaces, we sell this product with a 24-month warranty since we made it with the highest level of technology and care. We make different panel lights, including those that are 4 watts, 12 watts, 15 watts, 18 watts, and 22 watts.


LED Panel Light- A Best Alternative to CFL Downlights


Before a decade, everyone used CFL downlights for false ceiling lighting in businesses and homes, but people got bored of them because of their short lifespan and the fact that they had few design and brightness options. Nowadays, LED panel lights are used instead since they have more lumens, a longer lifespan, and a wider selection of stunning products.


Our best-in-class LED panel light manufacturer in India is made possible by high-quality raw materials.


We produce round LED panel lights with premium raw materials such powder-coated die-cast aluminium housing, metal core PCB, greater brightness 0.2 watt LM80 LEDs, HPF LED Drivers, and diffusers. Which makes us best LED panel Light manufacturer and supplier in india 


Wholesaler and Distributor of LED Panel Lights in India 


One common type of LED panel light is the round panel light, which is a flat, round lighting fixture with a round shape. These panel lights are often used in offices, schools, hospitals, and other commercial or industrial settings where a sleek and modern look is desired. Rayna Industries has a track record of providing excellent customer service and high-quality products, making them a reliable wholesaler and distributor for your LED panel light needs.


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